Performance Grants

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Details of Process – and SIGN UP

UPDATE — (Oct. 24)  due to technical difficulties, we are asking applicants to use the worksheet to submit applications.

  1. go to
  2. download Word document
  3. save as a new name
  4. complete
  5. email to [email protected] along with additional file attachments as needed.

All submissions must be completed using the grant application form (not the worksheet).

  1. Preparation: Before entering information online, we recommend the following.
    • Review the eligibility and funding criteria on the Overview page.
    • Use the worksheet to capture longer answers that require thought. Save the file frequently. This extra step will safeguard your valuable thinking in case of screen freeze. You can easily copy and paste the longer answers into the grant application when you are ready.
    • Gather attachments and links in one place for easy retrieval and expedient data entry.
  2. Sign Up: To begin the application process, please complete the fields below. Upon submission, a confirmation screen will provide you with a private URL to be used to access the full grant application. You will also receive an email confirmation with this private URL. Please bookmark or save this URL. You need this URL to access and edit the grant application.
  3. Edit the Grant Application: Fill in every required field (marked with asterisk) and relevant fields for Composition II if you have selected to include two compositions. Save the edits to the grant application by clicking Save (bottom of form). We recommend that you draft longer essay answers using the worksheet. Then paste your answers from the worksheet to the grant application.
  4. Return to the Grant Application: To return to the grant application use the private URL sent as confirmation to your sign up. Information saved prior should be intact. If not, email [email protected] or text 781-480-3214.
  5. Keep a Record: Ensure all asterisked fields are completed and the links and files you have included are correct. Print your grant application using the browser print feature.
  6. Final Submission: When you are ready to submit, check the Final Submission box (bottom of form) and click Save again.
  7. Completion Receipt:  One business day following the Final Submission, you will receive an email receipt of completion if the grant application meets completion criteria.  Confirmation is not automatic, we will go over your form and send a response within 24 hours.  If information is missing, the email will include a list of missing information with instructions on how to resubmit the grant application.
  8. Notice of Award: If you are awarded a grant, you will receive notice of acceptance by email. A check and printed award letter will be mailed to the address provided in the grant application. If you are not awarded a grant, you will receive a notice of regret by email.
  9. Help: For programming, process, or eligibility inquiries, email [email protected]. For technical questions or problems, email [email protected] or text 781-480-3214. Include a clear description of issue, name of orchestra, phone number, and appropriate time to call. All inquiries will receive a reply in one business day.

This application is offline due to technical difficulties. Please check back on 10/19/2017 [pdb_signupxx]


Overview | Sign Up | Repertoire Ideas | Past Grant WinnersHelp | Retrieve Link and Info