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Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy is a non-profit organization dedicated to “leveling the playing field” for women in classical music, especially composers. Recent decades have uncovered and produced many great works by women, but most of this music has yet to reach mainstream classical audiences.  It’s time to change that habit of exclusion and bring this wonderful music into the mainstream. We still sometimes hear the question “Why have there been no great women composers?” The Women’s Philharmonic (a professional orchestra from 1981-2004) proved that was the wrong question to ask—instead the question is   Why are orchestras not performing more works by women?  Why are audiences not allowed to hear them?


The Latest From Our Blog:

Dora Pejačević — another composer whose time has come?

With two upcoming performances of music by Dora Pejačević taking place in the next few weeks, we wonder if this remarkable but little-known composer, who was writing powerful orchestral works a century ago, is finally ready for rediscovery.  [Wondering how to pronounce Pejačević?] A recipient of our Performance Grant, the Willamette Falls Symphony, will be performing […]

Monday Link Round Up: February 12, 2018

News to start your week! It’s been amazing to see so many headlines discussing the life and music of Florence Price!  Last week we shared the article by Alex Ross […]

Women Composers to Celebrate in 2018-2019

Classical music enthusiasts love to celebrate big years – and we certainly are no exception, as we celebrated Amy Beach’s 150th in 2017. In general we are in favor of any […]

Monday Link Round Up: February 5, 2018

News to start your week! Don’t miss Alex Ross’s piece on Florence Price in The New Yorker.  He speaks of her “rediscovery”, a coming premiere, and the attention that her music […]

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