10 years of celebrating the vast range of orchestral music by women, and encouraging orchestras to program it! All around us people are suddenly aware of ingrained sexist practices, and questioning their entrenched status. We work to reveal the centuries of music by women, much of it lost to history due to gender bias – and help provide information and resources to make that music available. We still sometimes hear the question “Why have there been no great women composers?” The Women’s Philharmonic (a professional orchestra from 1981-2004) proved that was the wrong question to ask—instead the question is Why are orchestras not performing more works by women? Why are audiences not allowed to hear them?

Monday Link Round Up: October 15, 2018

News and music to start your week! Our congratulations to Tania Leon - composer, conductor, educator, and now member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences!  Broadway news has the story. Congratulations also go to Unsuk Chin who was just awarded the Marie-Josée...

A musical “blind taste-test” casts light on the biased processes of Canon-formation

Salastina Music Society carried out a remarkably original experiment last weekend (Oct. 6 & 7) – raising issues of how and why some works get into the classical music canon – and some works don't.  Salastina's two directors were struck by a certain piano trio, and...

Monday Link Round Up: October 8, 2018

News and music to start your week! The BBC announced this week that they will be opening up their classical music archives.  The trove of recordings - dating back 100 years - will be available online and through a BBC app.  I'm looking forward to sifting through the...

Monday Link Round up: October 1, 2018

News to start your week?  But this last week was not just any week. For those in the US, the past week was something unique and critical.  On Thursday we listened to a woman's account of a violent sexual attack that she experienced. And we heard men -- angry, hostile...

Linda Luebke Strings Festival & Meira Warshauer

This weekend (September 29-30) is the 2018 Linda Luebke Strings Festival in Terre Haute, Indiana.  The Festival offers a unique experience for strings students to grow in their musicianship through small ensemble experience, music theory, dance, composition,...

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