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Meet Our Director of Music Publications

Professional Profile PicChris A. Trotman, praised for his “skillful orchestration” and “exquisite tact” (Rochester City Newspaper), is a music editor, engraver, arranger, orchestrator, composer, librarian, pedagogue and researcher.  He is a December 2013 graduate of the Kent State University Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degree program.  In 2010, Chris graduated from the University of Alabama’s Moody School of Music, where he earned the Master of Music Degree in Music Composition.  Prior to studying at the University of Alabama, he earned the Bachelor of Music degree in Violin Performance from Samford University.

During his undergraduate musical studies, Chris quickly discovered there are many wonderful, and unfortunately little known or unknown, musical works written by women.  Throughout the last decade, he has greatly expanded his knowledge of women’s compositions, and the works of two composers have been particularly inspiring and influential.  These two women are the great American composer, Amy Beach, and the British-American composer, Rebecca Clarke.  His passion for the music of the latter composer led to the meeting and inception of the fortuitous working relationship with Dr. Liane Curtis, the Founder and President of both Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy and the Rebecca Clarke Society.  Chris began working with Liane in November 2011 in a strictly editing/engraving capacity.  That working relationship has since blossomed into a collaboration with the mission of not only supporting and promoting music by women, but also the creation of revised editions, such as the newly-released, revised edition of Amy Beach’s “Gaelic” Symphony, and the first-ever publication of some female works.

Chris and his beautiful fur-daughter (cat), Adagietta, live in Baltimore, Maryland, where he continues to edit, engrave, arrange, orchestrate, compose, perform, research and teach music.