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Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy is a non-profit organization dedicated to “leveling the playing field” for women in classical music, especially composers. Recent decades have uncovered and produced many great works by women, but most of this music has yet to reach mainstream classical audiences.  It’s time to change that habit of exclusion and bring this wonderful music into the mainstream. We still sometimes hear the question “Why have there been no great women composers?” The Women’s Philharmonic (a professional orchestra from 1981-2004) proved that was the wrong question to ask—instead the question is Why are orchestras not performing more works by women, and why are audiences not allowed to hear them?


Update on our Performance Grants

We received applications for our 2014 grants from states spanning Florida to Washington! Check out the list of winners! We plan to offer the grants every year.  Help support our work by making a tax deductible donation.


Are women composers still excluded from orchestral programming?

A look at U.S. data:




And: 2014-15 data gathered by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra


 Our 2014 Performance Grants awarded $19,000 to more than 30 orchestras

The Latest From Our Blog:

Written by Mrs. Bach

The long awaited, and much debated, documentary that investigates the role of Anna Magdalena Bach as not only wife but collaborator and, what has raised the most controversy, composer of the Cello Suites, among other works. The evidence uncovered and explored by musicologist Martin Jarvis has raised eyebrows, and ruffled feathers, among classical musicians and music enthusiasts around […]

Monday Link Roundup: August 3

Some news to start the week: Anna Meredith’s Smatter Hauler, a BBC Commission, received its World Premiere at The Proms – you can listen to a recording of the performance online […]

Amy Beach at Toronto Summer Music

There will be a great treat tonight for classical music lovers attending the Toronto Summer Music Festival – a performance of Amy Beach’s Piano Quintet in F-Sharp Minor, op. 67. […]

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